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Tips for Identifying Your Target Audience

khamisi hamisi tips on finding your target audience
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A target audience is very crucial when it comes to getting the word out about your audience. You can simply go to Facebook or Google and create an ad that can reach the masses. Each audience has a taste and responds differently to content

Furthermore, we are looking at quality over quantity. Let me ask you a question. Would you rather reach a million people who are not interested or reach a thousand people and have almost half of those interested?

Knowing who you should market to, and the best time to market your products or service can result in higher rates of return. Here’s how to get started identifying your target audience.

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How to identify your audience

  1. Consult your business plan

    What were your initial goals?

  2. Begin researching

    Start researching your target audience

  3. Develop a custom profile

    Group your target audience according to your search results.

  4. Find your target audience

    Find out where your target audience spends time.

Consult Your Business Plan

Khamisi hamisi business planning

While you were developing your business plan, you set a number of goals for yourself. Take a look at the business goals. Now, analyze the products or services that you intended to provide. Find that unique selling point that you had in mind.

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Does your business solve a specific problem or a wide number of problems? Furthermore, you need to narrow down to at least one problem. Solving a single problem is easy compared to a wide range of problems.

Begin Researching

Khamisi hamisi target audience  researching

Start by researching your industry, the market, the competition, and the large pool of potential customers you’ve already identified. A lot of this research has already been done and can be found in existing sources.

If you can’t locate any useful secondary data that is useful, you may want to conduct primary research by sending out surveys, doing interviews, or holding focus groups to get the information you need.

Develop a Customer Profile

khamisi hamisi target audience customer profile

In this step, you will divide your research results into two. The demographics and psychographic information. The demographic information includes age, gender, location, marital status, ethnic background, income and more.

On the other hand, psychographic information includes interests, values, hobbies, behaviors, attitudes, lifestyle, and more. Depending on your business and your initial search results, this should be relatively easy.

Find Your Target Audience

khamisi hamisi target audience
finding your audience

In this step, you will have to find out where your target audience spends time. Which websites do they visit? Which social media accounts do they love using? The information you gather for your customer profile, along with knowing where they hang out online will help you determine how to deliver your message.

You not fully relax. Keep doing your research to know if your target audience is evolving. Your audience might change preferences or tastes. So, if you stick to an old audience, you will end up targeting users not interested in what you offer anymore.

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For any type of business, knowing your target audience is very crucial and important. It can be an online or offline business. Both need to be researched in such a way that you do not spend money in excess on targeting users not interested in what you are offering.

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