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How Your Videos Can Start Making Money On Facebook in Kenya (video)

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Since 2017, Facebook has been paying creators to create engaging videos and share them on their platform. Previously, YouTube was the only platform for paying video creators.

Many people from Kenya find it hard to make money on YouTube. However, Facebook has take away the burden and Kenyans can now make money easily using their videos.

Watch the video below.

It was very hard for one to start especially when it came to growing a fan base. It took months or sometimes years for you to start making actual money from your channel. Many gave up along the way while some opted for other means.

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Facebook creator program

Anyone in Kenya can start earning. You can be the following and more:

  • Comedian
  • Consultant
  • Doctor
  • Actor
  • And so much more

How and when do they pay?

They pay via PayPal which by far is the safest and secure payment method. If you wish, they can send the payment to your bank account.

When they do send the payment to your PayPal, you can withdraw it straight to your m-Pesa account. PayPal to m-pesa services in Kenya can be found here.

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Payment is issued every end of the month on the 21st. For example, payment for January will be issued on February 21st.

How much can you make?

Facebook offers payment in form of CPM (cost per mile). This is whereby you are paid for every 1000 views your video gets.

Furthermore, the CPM can be high or low. Some get a CPM of $1 while others get $5+. This means that, for every 1000 views, you get $1 or $5+.

Factors that determine your earnings.

  • Country of origin. (Some countries get high cpm while others get low cpm. It depends with the advertisers in that country).
  • Number of views. If you get so many views then you will earn more.
  • Type of content. Obviously, boring content will earn less compared to engaging content.

Advantages of Facebook over YouTube in Kenya

  • Easy to gain a following.
  • Facebook is easy to start
  • They do not have any restrictions
  • You can run ads and gain more exposure on Facebook. The ads are very cheap.

Requirements for joining Facebook creator program:

  • Must have a Facebook page. Create one here.
  • Join the creator program. Join through this link.
  • Create original content with good quality. (HD)
  • Upload videos that are more than 3 minutes long.

Tips on increasing your earnings

  • Post high quality videos.
  • Use ads to promote your videos.
  • Encourage comments and shares.
  • Post when your fans are online.
  • Lastly, just have fun. Concentrate on making content. Everything will fall in place.


That’s it. You can now start making money via Facebook. It is fairly easy to start and anyone in any niche can start making money.

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