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How To Make Money Blogging

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I can bet that the term ‘blogger’ is not something new to you. You probably have a friend, relative or an enemy of yours who is a blogger. Blogging is fun, especially if you are blogging about something you enjoy.

For example, I blog about digital marketing. It is a topic that I can talk about any time of the day. Wake me up at 3 AM and I will be able to answer your questions on digital marketing. However, if you wake me up at 3 AM asking me about fashion, well, I won’t be able to help you.

There are three types of bloggers.

  1. Part-time professional: This blogger has a job or other activities but blogs to supplement their other income.
  2. The hobbyist: This blogger blogs for fun and does not earn any revenue from blogging.
  3. Full-time blogger: This blogger blogs as a full-time job.

However, if you want to make money blogging, I have good news for you. It does not matter what topic you blog about. It can be a blog about fashion, cats, travel, martial arts or even real estate. There is no limit to making money, especially if it’s your hobby.

Let’s dive right in and look at the different ways you can make money blogging.

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Different Methods Of Making Money Using Your Blog

Although we will also look at placing ads on your website, which is rather common, I will also touch base on the different other methods. They can all be effective and work magic for your blogs income.

6 ways you can make money using your blog

  1. Use CPC or CPM ads

  2. Promoting an affiliate product

  3. Sell ad space

  4. Offer services

  5. Write sponsored posts

  6. Sell digital products

Use CPC or CPM ads

CPC stands for Cost Per Click while CPM stands for Cost Per Mile. A good example that pays using these two methods is Google Adsense.

For CPC, you get paid for every click you get on an Ad on your website. These ads can be placed at different points of your website like the topmost area (you earn more from these) or even the sidebar section of your blog.

CPC/CPM ad on Tuko Blog

On the other hand, for CPM, you get paid every time an ad is viewed 1000 times. You can earn more with CPM ads if your blog receives a lot of traffic.

Promote an affiliate product

However, Ads can be boring or annoying to your readers. Some of the readers might have ad blockers which might prevent you from earning more.

Affiliate products are products created by other people which you market on their behalf. A good example is the Jumia Affiliate Program.

Jumia Affiliate program

You can have their links on your blog pointing to different products that they offer. You will then get paid up to 11% of the sale.

Sell Ad space

If you have an audience already, you can approach business or service providers in your niche and sell them Ad space. A good example is how Ghafla and Tuko do it.

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At times, you might see floating ads or the whole background of the Ghafla blog filled with an Ad from a specific company. These brands pay them to do that because these blogs, Ghafla and Tuko, have a very large audience.

Offer services

Do you have services that you can offer? They can be consultation services, coaching services or any other services. For example, I am very good with digital marketing. I can offer consultation services or other services like social media management and even viral marketing.

As I continue to provide useful content to my readers through blogging, some may be interested in the services I offer. This way, I get a chance to make money on the side. Create a good ‘Work With Me Page’ on your blog and highlight your services.

Here is my ‘Work With Me Page’ page where you can access some of the services I offer.

Write sponsored posts

This can be easily confused with affiliate marketing. However, it is much more different. We saw that, in affiliate marketing, you get paid a percentage each time a sale is made. With sponsored posts, you are paid before upfront before you write the post.

It can be a post describing a certain product or service. You then post this article on your blog and users will read it like any other normal post on your blog. It will then act as a recommendation and your readers can choose to use the said product or service.

A good example is BuzzFeed.

buzzfeed promoted post

Sell digital products

By far, this can be the best way of creating recurring income from your blog. Digital products include eBooks, courses, webinar tickets, audio files, software and more. Your readers can buy them over and over again.

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For example, I offer a simple guide on how you can take your content marketing skills to a whole new level. This guide helps you learn the basics of content marketing and be able to drive sales to your business using the internet. You can find my content marketing guide here.

If the information is useful, people will buy your guide and you will make money each time that happens. The key is to give people value and they will value you back.


Blogging is not only meant for digital marketers or professionals. You can blog about any hobby that you have. Write about music, pets, sports, art, and anything that you enjoy doing.

You can turn any hobby or skill into a revenue machine by blogging about it then use one or all the methods above to make money from it. The key point is providing content that can help other people interested in the same hobby and they will value you back.

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