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How To Get Free Instagram Content

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Coming up with content ideas or even creating it can be a very hard task. Trust me when I tell you that it feels heavy and you might get lazy or even stop being consistent.

However, Instagram is a very funny platform. You must understand that there are more than 500 Million users on Instagram. Above all, these people are sharing and liking posts all day. Some twice, thrice a day or even a new post by the hour.

Therefore, when you decide to stop posting on Instagram, you end up losing so many potential clients for your business. Consistency is key here. I personally lost around 200 followers last year because I stopped being consistent and people saw no reason why they were following me.

Meanwhile, in today’s article, I will show you a simple trick that will get you a lot of content without you doing all the heavy lifting. You do not have to lose followers just like I did. After all, I am here to help you avoid the mistakes I did.

So let’s get to it…

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The Power Of User Generated Content

What is user-generated content?

This is content that is produced by your followers. All you have to do is just repost it on your profile every day or add it to your content calendar. You already have an engaged audience. Whether it’s hundreds of people or thousands, you can leverage your audience to generate useful content for you.

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Here is an example from a store I was running @EkostylesKenya

The client was happy and she ended up posting the photo on her profile. This is a great chance to repost it to your own profile.

By doing this:

  • You create trust.
  • You showcase your product to more people.
  • You get meaningful comments on your post.

How To Get User-Generate Content

You might be wondering exactly how you can get your users to create engaging content for you. Remember that they also want to gain followers just like what you are trying to do. Make sure to tell them that you will tag them if you choose to pick their image.

It’s a win-win for you and your customers.

Different business models will have a different approach when it comes to getting user-generated content. I understand that not all businesses are the same or the same technique can be applied.

The technique that can be used by restaurants is not the same that can be used by photographers or eCommerce stores. Knowing your audience can help you know exactly how you will approach them.

Clever ways to get users to create content

Here are some of the ways you can use to get users to generate content for you. Fair warning, make sure the photos you choose go in line with your brand tone or objectives.

  1. Hold a contest

    Come up with a contest where your followers get a chance to win something by simply coming up with a photo idea. They could be interacting with your brand or product. Prizes can be as simple as airtime, shoutouts or even store discounts.

  2. Have a unique hashtag

    You can create a hashtag that is unique to your brand. For example, if you search for the hashtag #HelloKhamisi on Instagram, you will see that it has so many posts that are unique to me. You can ask your followers to post their photos and have that hashtag on their caption. All these posts will be under one hashtag.

  3. Offer discounts

    You can offer discounts and in return get lots of content. For instance, you can give 10% off to any of your followers who comes to your shop or where you conduct business, takes a photo and posts it on their feed. You will later take that photo and repost it on your feed. Get creative with this technique

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In conclusion, there are many ways that you can get user-generated content. This content, as mentioned above, can be very useful when it comes to gain trust from other potential clients. You do not need to post them every day or all the time but make a point of using user-generated content to attract new clients.

However, make sure the content goes in line with your brand objectives and goals. Some images may be of low quality or even damage your brand image.

Have you ever used user-generated content before? Drop a comment below.

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